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Potential clients do not always search for the name of your company online; they often search for the products or the services you offer. When they do this, we can show them an advert that leads them straight to your website. This technique has huge potential and this is something that we offer at the SEA agency, Way2Web; i.e. online adverts at the right time and to the right person. Using this you can attract those looking for your product and services to your company, even if they do not know you by your brand yet.

When you work with Way2Web you have experienced SEA specialists and online marketing experts at your disposal.

Search engine advertising

What is search engine advertising (SEA)?

Search engine advertising, or SEA, is where a website’s visibility is affected by certain key words being typed into a search engine. Using this targeted advertising, you can appear at the top of the page when the desired search words are entered. The higher your website is on the list of search results, the more visitors your site will receive, and more visitors leads to more conversions (quote requests, product sales, information downloads, etc.).

We make potential clients find you when they are looking for you.

Direct results

Online advertising using SEA is chosen for its immediate results. It is the most dynamic, quantifiable and proven method to gain relevant visitors directly to your website. SEA agency Way2Web, sets up your campaign and measures the on-going costs compared to the number of conversions and so you have a clear picture of what really generated the leads in detail.

SEA agency
SEA specialist

Constant monitoring and optimisation

The SEA specialists at our internet marketing agency, monitor your campaigns continuously, and steer them depending on the results of the data. In this way, we improve the ROI and we put you in contact with the right visitors. This way you can be sure of the optimal expenditure of your online advertising budget.

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With years of experience in delivering results we’ve become a strong partner in the online success of many businesses

Our mission

Digital Agency Way2Web strives for the perfect balance between stylish design and intelligent custom-made development. The result? A creative website, application or marketing campaign that creates a buzz. One that gives your company more name recognition and loyal customers and that generates revenue.

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