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Mobile Apps

At Way2Web, we develop custom mobile apps. From a small game app to a big application for automation within your company. We focus on a special design with handsome animations. In that way, your app is a pleasant experience for users.

When you work with Way2Web, you can count on experienced mobile app developers and online marketing experts.

Your benefits

  • Products and services available 24/7
  • Creative animations
  • Suitable for all mobile devices
  • Guidance from concept to development

Mobile app: interaction with customers or automation within your business?

Mobile app

Why make a mobile app?

For more conversions and higher sales, of course. With mobile applications, Way2Web makes your services and products available at all times. When we develop a mobile app, we ensure more interaction between you and your employees or customers.

The use of mobile devices has risen explosively. On average, they have about 20 apps on their device. And 85 percent of the time on their smartphones is spent on mobile apps. We take this knowledge to our advantage.

What are the advantages of mobile applications for my business?

Our experienced app developers and online marketing experts make your services or products available through an app. Or develop your innovative idea into a mobile app. In addition, our mobile applications support and automate certain functionalities within your company.

Mobile app development Antwerpen
App development

Do mobile applications work on all devices?

We optimize our mobile app development for tablets and smartphones. Our mobile applications work on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. In short: on everything that falls under the category of mobile devices.
There are two types of mobile apps:

  • Native app: you install this app on a mobile phone or tablet. Downloading native apps happens via an application store, such as Google Play or Apple's App Store. You can access the app by clicking on an icon on your screen.
    A native app is optimized for the operating system of every mobile device. The connection and ‘collaboration’ with the mobile device is therefore ideal. And that, of course, increases the user-friendliness for your customers or employees.
  • Hybrid app: a hybrid app is a combination of a web application and a mobile app. You install and download this app in the same way as a native app, but it has the inside of a web application. We create them with Javascript, HTML or CSS.
    With hybrid apps - unlike native apps - you do not have to develop a separate app for any mobile device or brand. Also, thanks to recent technological developments, they approach the user-friendliness of native apps.
App development

Guiding from initial concept to launch and promotion

Are you convinced of the usefulness of a mobile application? Well, then we will get started. We guide you from A to Z. Step by step. First, we make a little chat. We want to get a clear view of what you have in mind.

Then we'll work out your mobile application. We'll take care of the launch and promotion. In that way, you work together with one partner for all parts of the process. That's cheap. Fast. Handy.

Mobile app development Antwerpen

For years, we have been working on the online success of our customers. Therefore, you can be sure of an experienced, solid partner

Who are we

Way2Web is a digital agency for the digital visibility of SMEs. With years of experience in the industry, we work on the online success of many companies.

We tell your story online through the creation of websites and web shops, design and online marketing. We digitalize your business even further with web applications, mobile applications and more.

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