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About Us

Way2Web is an Antwerp based digital agency focused on the web and everything that’s connected to it . We don’t believe in static results, that's why we create dynamic solutions which are in line with your business strategy and bring an added value to your company. To accomplish this goal we focus on 3 key areas: design, development and online marketing.

How we work?

To better understand our customers, we see you and your business as part of our team. Because of this close cooperation we are able to join our forces, you have the knowledge of your business and we of the web. Our cooperation is also the start of our 3 phases: learn + experiment = grow.



We want to make sure we understand your needs and the sector you operate in. Then we evaluate all options, shortlist the best alternatives and recommend those we feel are optimal for you and your audience.



We test, experiment and prototype to see what works for your company and what doesn’t. Based on these findings we will optimize and improve where needed.



After a while results will be coming in and as your company evolves, we'll make sure everything grows with your business strategy by evaluating, measuring and optimising our solutions.

What sets us apart?



Wether you want to automate certain actions in your company with the help of an application or generate more clients via internet, Way2Web has you covered. We sit together with you and understand your business goals. During the complete process we keep this in mind and use this as our focus point. Results are what really drives us.



We always strive to identify the most cost-effective approach. It may not necessarily be the cheapest, but it will be the one that gives the best value for your money, is scalable over time and does not lock you into expensive maintenance or upgrade contracts. We work on all sorts of projects, from small websites to completely automated applications and online marketing campaigns. The size of your company doesn’t matter to us and it will never influence our estimates.

Professionele Weboplossingen


Foremost we make sure we understand your needs. During the entire process we evaluate all options, shortlist the best alternatives and recommend those we feel are optimal for you and your audience. You provide the know-how of your industry, we bring along our expertise from the web.

Kleine zelfstandigen en internationale bedrijven


And we are not just talking about great chocolate! We have worked on all kinds of projects from local businesses to international corporations. This gave us the necessary bag of experience to immediately tackle your problems head-on.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s hit the road together … and bring the future to your business

Who are we

Way2Web is a digital agency for the digital visibility of SMEs. With years of experience in the industry, we work on the online success of many companies.

We tell your story online through the creation of websites and web shops, design and online marketing. We digitalize your business even further with web applications, mobile applications and more.

Contact us

The Factorie Businesscenter,
Middelmolenlaan 175,
2100 Antwerpen (Deurne)

T: +32 (0)3 808 26 27